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New Headquarters Appeal

Photo Gallery
New HQ opening 20/11/02

The Team's President, Jack Jackson, prepares to cut the ribbon with Stuart Bailey of Sport England to his right. The press prepare for a photo!

New HQ opening 20/11/02

Team members and guests gather round the base for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

New HQ opening 20/11/02

The President makes his speech.

New HQ opening 20/11/02

Deputy Team leader Mike Park is interviewed by Border TV about the new indoor training facility.

New HQ opening 20/11/02

Team member Richard Hellen entertains our President, his wife Dorothy, and appeal patron Joss Naylor.

New HQ opening 20/11/02

Past Team members, including some of the founder members, and our Chairman and Team Leader gather for a photo in the garage.

New HQ opening 20/11/02

Patron Joss Naylor with Team member Dave Blanden and the Mayor and Mayoress of Cockermouth.

New HQ opening 20/11/02

Team members show guests the new control room.

Nearing completion 05/10

The scaffolding is all down and the doors are installed in front of the two garage bays. The area outside is covered with paving and tarmac.

Meeting room 05/10

The meeting room gets a coat of paint. The windows connecting with the control can be seen to the left, behind the painter.

Lift 05/10

The disabled lift is now installed. The Chairman and Team leader get stuck on their first trip!

End and back walls 05/10/02

The rendered back wall with path below can be seen to the right. On the roof the velux windows provide light for the indoor training area and meeting room.

Scaffolding nearly down 02/09/02

The scaffolding is down on most of the building. The door from the training room can be seen on the end wall, with practice platform for abseiling and stretcher lowers.

Team members viewing progress 02/09/02

Team members view progress on the new building. Many of the windows are now installed, the scaffolding will shortly be taken down.

Meeting room 02/09/02

The meeting room is soon to be plastered. The control room can be seen to the left of, and behind team members.

Inside the meeting room 18/07/02

In the upstairs meeting room. The partition between the meeting room and control room is under construction.

Roof almost complete 14/07/02

The roof is almost fully slated. The vehicle entrances and upstairs window openings can be clearly seen.

Gable end 02/07/02

The gable end of the building. The training room door can be seen high up, ideal for training exercises down the outside wall.

Roof 02/07/02

Team leader Jim Coyle inspects progress with the roof. Roof trusses nearly all in place.

1st floor 02/07/02

Inside the meeting room on the 1st floor looking towards the control room.

1st floor walls nearly there 20/04/02

The 1st floor walls are nearly complete. You can see the two garage door entrances for our vehicles, and the main entrance on the left. The right hand door is an emergency exit from our training area.

Walls going up 07/04/02

The walls getter higher day by day now

Floors complete 23/03/02

The floors are complete

Above ground level! 19/03/02

Completion of the foundations and the walls above ground level

Working on foundations 05/03/02

Working on the foundations inside the steel shuttering

Poor ground conditions 13/02/02

The poor ground conditions which meant such deep excavations and foundations

Making our own mountain! 13/02/02

Making our own mountain from the 3 metre deep excavation

Starting excavation 08-01-02

Starting excavation

Sod cutting ceremony 08-01-02

The sod cutting ceremony

Sport England Lottery Panel agreed to support us with a grant of £295,732 (65% of the total cost of £454,973). This has allowed construction of the new headquarters to begin in January on the new site leased to us by Allerdale Borough Council.

Sport England has shown great foresight in acknowledging that, although Mountain Rescue is not a sport in itself, it forms part of the infrastructure that allows people to participate in may outdoor sports such as mountain biking, orienteering, fell running etc., by providing a safety net for these activities. Increasingly we are also being called upon to assist with other aspects in the community such as lowland searches, transport problems during severe weather conditions and even traffic accidents in difficult locations

Launch photo 1

Appeal launch day, team chairman with patrons Eric Robson and Jos Naylor

Launch photo 2

Team vehicle bursting out of current base!

Launch photo 3

Team members with patrons