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Fund-raising at local shows

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We are a charity, financed totally by voluntary donations. Our vehicles, equipment, training and base cost us around £100,000 per year, every year!

Members take part in a variety of fund-raising events e.g. slide shows, local events. We also have a large number of collection boxes that are supported by local shops and businesses.

Some of our expensive team equipment



You can support the Team by leaving a legacy in your Will. A gift from you will have an enormous impact, helping the Team to help more people, for years to come.

A legacy will cost you nothing in your lifetime. It may even reduce inheritance tax on your estate because legacies to charities are tax free.

Download our 'Leaving a legacy' leaflet

Cockermouth MRT - Leave a legacy
The Team outside our HQ in Cockermouth

Contact details

Cockermouth Mountain Rescue Team
PO Box 73
CA13 3AE
Message on 07841370651