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Callout 1

1st January 12.52am

TypeSearch (Penrith assist)
Duration8 hours
WeatherSnow, cloud, cold
LocationCross Fell, Pennines

Team members travelled to the Cross Fell, Pennines, area to assist with a multi-agency search for an overdue fell runner.The body of the fell runner was found later in the day, sadly deceased.

Callout 2

6th January 2.39pm

TypeCragfast walker
Duration4 hours
WeatherCold, dry, clear
LocationHigh Crag Buttress

A walker fell during a descent from High Crag, Buttermere. Team members assisted the casualty back to the summit of High Crag. SAR helicopter R912, from Humberside, flew the casualty, team members and equipment down to Gatesgarth Farm and the casualty was reunited with a family member for onward transport.

Callout 3

12th January 9.23pm

TypeDistressed campers
Duration3 hours
WeatherCold, low cloud
LocationWarnscale Bothy, Buttermere

A party of three requested assistance after the carbon monoxide detector at the bothy they were visiting went off. Team members assessed them, assisted them off the hill and provided a lift back to Cockermouth for onward transport.

Callout 4

14th January 4.15pm

WeatherCloud, rain
LocationHorse Close, Buttermere

In the early afternoon, a walker reported a paragliding canopy stuck in the woods above Buttermere. Team Leaders made enquiries and established that the sighting was of a canopy that has long been stuck in the trees and already known. No further action was taken.

Callout 5

29th January 12.56pm

TypeLower leg injury
Duration4 hours
WeatherCloud, rain, strong winds

A walker slipped near the summit of Wandope, suffering a painful ankle injury. Team members treated the injury and SAR helicopter R199 attended from Prestwick. The casualty was flown to Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle.

Callout 6

30th January 9.59am

TypeShouts for help
WeatherCloud, dry
LocationRed Pike

Shouts for help and dogs barking were reported on Red Pike, Buttermere. Team Leaders made enquiries and established that trail hounds were in the area, the shouts and barking subsided, and no further action was taken.

Callout 7

15th February 6.18pm

WeatherDark, changeable
LocationMoss Force, Newlands

Team leaders were contacted regarding an overdue walker near Newlands Pass. As enquries were being made, the walker made contact and no further action was taken.

Callout 8

29th February 5.40am

TypeSearch (Wasdale assist)
Duration7 hours
WeatherDark, overcast
LocationPiers Gill

Cockermouth MRT members joined a large mutli-team search for a walker, overdue since the previous day. The casualty was located in Piers Gill with ankle injuries, and was raised out of the Ghyll before being carried to GNAAS air ambulance H58 and flown to hospital.

Callout 9

2nd March 5.00am

TypeSearch (Wasdale assist)
WeatherDark, overcast
LocationPiers Gill

Cockermouth MRT members were put on standby to join another multi-team seach for another walker overdue on a walk on Scafell Pike. As they were preparing to muster at base they learned that the walker had been found in Piers Gill and could be flown to hospital by SAR helicopter so no further action was taken.

Callout 10

5th March 2.46pm

TypeLost walker
LocationHigh Crag

Attempting to walk North off the summit of High Crag, Buttermere, and concerned about the precipitous steep ground below, a walker became uncertain of the route down and requested assistance. A Team member was able to help the walker orientate themselves and point them in the direction of Scarth Gap, from where they were able to make a safe descent.

Callouts 11 - 20